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Loblaws to open Delta and Richmond Superstore on Christmas Day

Company officials announced on October 3rd, that is their intention to open the Delta and Richmond Superstores on Christmas Day.
The company is using the excuse that other retailers in these areas will also be open, and that employees will be asked to volunteer to work.

Local 247 will never agree that opening any retail location on Christmas Day is a good idea. Our members should be able to enjoy Christmas Day at home with their families uninterrupted.

President Gib Whitlock and Secretary-Treasurer Suzanne Hodge have written to
Loblaws CEO Galen Weston regarding the decision to open and made the following comments.
"Christmas Inventory in the stores is the same regardless of a Christmas Day opening and will sell just as well on Boxing Day or the remaining shopping days left in December.
It is hard to believe that Loblaws would feel the need to take away the only guaranteed statutory holiday of the year where employees do not have to work in order to grab what will surely be a minuscule amount of sales on Christmas Day."

The letter to Galen Weston is as follows.-  LettertoGalenWeston[1]1.doc - 302 KB


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