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Take action to fix BC's workers' comp system

We have an important opportunity to repair BC’s workers’ compensation system.

In 2002, the BC Liberal government made major changes to the laws and policies of the BC workers’ compensation system for workers who were injured, made ill or killed on the job. Compensation benefits for disabled workers were slashed, including return to work and job retraining programs, leaving these workers and their families facing a life of poverty.

At the same time, employers enjoyed a reduction in their costs. This shifted the burden of workplace injuries, illness, and deaths away from employers onto workers and the public system. While injured and ill workers struggle to make ends meet, the WCB has a surplus of funding -- and this is money contributed by employers, not from the public purse. 

We need to take action to fix this broken system and you can help.

In 2018, Paul Petrie was appointed by the Worker’s Compensation Board to conduct a long-overdue review of the BC workers compensation system. Petrie produced a report, Restoring the Balance: A Worker Centered Approach to Workers’ Compensation Policy. The labour movement welcomed the review and supports its 41 recommendations. Many of the changes the BC Liberal government made were legislative and can only be remedied by reviewing and amending the Workers Compensation Act.  Therefore, the Federation is also calling on government to conduct and independent, comprehensive review of the compensation and appeal system.

Add your voice to the call, by sending an email to the Minister of Labour and to the Chair of the Workers Compensation Board. Click here: https://www.leveltheplayingfield.ca/full_compensation 

Thanks for your support!

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