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Superstore campaign for leukemia research begins today

The B.C. branch of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLSC) is kicking off a research fundraiser today at Real Canadian Superstores in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

During the two week campaign, Superstore customers can make a donation to “buy” a paper balloon, and the balloon with the customer’s name will go up to be displayed with other donation balloons.

Balloons feature prominently in the Society’s “Light the Night” fundraisers as well, and UFCW 247 members LTNwho have not yet done so are encouraged to join UFCW’s team on October 13 in Stanley Park for the popular annual walk and fundraiser.

The fundraising campaign in Superstores will take place from September 14 through September 27.

UFCW Canada and its local unions have actively supported and raised funds for the LLSC since the 1980s, and are now the biggest fundraisers for the LLSC in Canada.

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