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Safeway Extra Contract Dispute: Arbitrator Sets Out Process for FOS Arbitration 


Arbitrator Ken Saunders conducted a conference call today with legal counsel for the Employer, Local 247 and Local 1518. The purpose of the call was for the parties to receive his instructions regarding the details of the Final Offer Selection process.
The Arbitrator has asked legal counsel for Local 1518, Local 247 and the Employer to submit their respective Final Offers and supporting submissions to him writing by the end of business on  Friday, September 9.

We will be developing our final offer in consultation with legal counsel, our negotiating committee members, our Union’s Leadership, and the other Local. We will need to decide on how best to achieve grandfathering (wages, pension, benefits etc.) and protection for existing members in conversion stores while being reasonable in our overall demands so as to give ourselves the best chance of winning the final offer selection arbitration.  

We ask that you continue to monitor the Locals website for updates.
  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com