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UFCW Rejects Sobeys Unreasonable Final Offer for Safeway Extra Stores - Issue to go to Final Offer Selection Arbitration

After meeting with Company officials on August 18, 19 and 23, today the negotiating committees from UFCW Local 247 and UFCW Local 1518 were both presented a “Final Offer” from Sobeys on a new Safeway Extra collective agreement for the Langley and Dawson Creek stores covered by the “Safeway Extra” decision.

The Company was clear that this offer would also be their position should the Unions reject it and we head to Final Offer Selection (FOS).

Final Offer Selection is a common type of interest arbitration that requires the arbitrator to select either the position of the union or the position of the employer. The arbitrator has no ability to split the difference between two positions or create new offers, and instead must select a position in its entirety (in this case an entire collective agreement) which he/she believes is the most fair.

On August 19 we pointed out that the initial Company proposal would have resulted in massive concessions for existing members including but not limited to:

•         Elimination of Grid A and key personnel wage rates

•         Elimination of Grid A benefits

•         Elimination of scheduled annual off scale wage increases for Grid A and Grid B

•        Reductions to pensions

•         Reduction to vacation

•        Clauses that could lead to further rollbacks of wages and benefits even after an agreement is implemented

Shockingly the Company “Final Offer” improved none  of these proposals and even seemed to lessen an employee’s right to continue working in that location. Both Union Committees quickly rejected the offer and reserved the right to table their own final position at FOS.

We will be working with counsel and 1518 to draft a fair and reasonable position but clearly job security and protection of our member’s wages, rights and benefits will be our main focus.
We understand many of you are unclear or confused by the FOS process and what happens next so we are working with Local 1518 to develop a FAQ to answer many of the most common questions. We hope to get that information out early next week.

Please continue to check the website for updates and call you Union Representative with any questions.







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