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Safeway Extra Negotiations: Employer Tables Agreement Full of Concessions

The negotiating committees from UFCW Local 247 and UFCW Local 1518 met with officials of Sobeys West to begin to bargain an agreement for the Langley and Dawson Creek stores covered by the “Safeway Extra” decision.

As we have repeatedly stated, the priority leading into bargaining is job security for current members effected by Sobeys decision to introduce a new banner into the B.C. retail food market.

That means the Committees are fighting to maintain the wages, benefits and pensions of our members and negotiating a contract that respects the hard work and years of service of our members.

Our hope was that the Company would respect the employees who had helped grow the Company over the years with a proposal that provided that security. We were wrong.

The following are just a few of the concessionary proposals in the Company package:

•         Elimination of Grid A and key personnel wage rates

•         Elimination of Grid A benefits

•         Elimination of scheduled annual off scale wage increases for Grid A and Grid B

•         Reductions to pensions

•         Reduction to vacation

•         Clauses that could lead to further rollbacks of wages and benefits even after an agreement is implemented

In many instances Employers seeking change going forward will offer current employees options to “Grandfather “ or protect many of items listed above. There was no such offer made. Sobeys is seeking immediate reductions from all.

Both Local Unions will be meeting again next week and we will continue to update you as talks take place.





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