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To Local 247 Members employed at Real Canadian Superstores, No Frills, YIG & City Market

Re: Coca Cola Strike Teamsters Local 213

As you may be aware Coca Cola is on strike in 3 locations, one in Coquitlam and two in Richmond.

We strongly support our Teamsters Brothers and Sisters in this dispute but please be aware of the following:

The Real Canadian Superstore contract does not contain a picket line clause and none of our collective agreements contain a “hot product” clause.  Therefore, our members employed in these locations are unable to refuse to handle Coca-Cola products and are unable to refuse to cross a picket line.  If a member were to refuse to handle the product or to refuse to cross a picket line to report to work, without a protective clause in place in these agreements, this would leave you subject to discipline from your employer.

We have been speaking to the Teamsters Local 213,  and they have not yet indicated to us that it is their intention to put a picket line up in front of any Real Canadian Superstores, No Frills, YIG or City Market locations at the present time. If that changes we will inform our members.

Please support our Brothers and Sisters on strike at Coca Cola by not purchasing Coca-Cola products anywhere.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com