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Toronto – July 23, 2015 – As the union that represents more than 80,000 Loblaw workers across Canada, UFCW Canada is pledging to stand in solidarity with all members who are affected by today’s announced closure of 52 store locations across the country. UFCW Canada is also assuring everyone involved that it will be using every resource to make sure affected members are treated fairly and in accordance with the terms of collective agreements.

“This is certainly unwelcome news to UFCW Canada, and to many families and communities across the country, as today’s announced closures will result in hundreds of people losing their jobs,” says Paul Meinema, the national president of UFCW Canada.

“The closure will undoubtedly impact a wide number of workers, with varying needs and realities. Some will be young workers trying to put themselves through school, others will be single parents trying to earn a strong future for their children, and all will be committed employees who have worked with the employer to build Loblaw into Canada’s most successful food retailer,” adds Meinema. “Ensuring that all Loblaw members affected by this decision are treated with fairness and in total keeping with their respective collective agreements will be the top priority for their union.”

UFCW Canada's Local Unions recently negotiated and ratified collective agreements in Ontario and B.C. that include full-time job guarantees over the next six years, and our union will be focused on working with the employer to ensure that as many affected members as possible are given the opportunity to secure roles at other locations.

In addition to ensuring that members are treated fairly throughout the closure process, UFCW Canada will also be encouraging other retailers to benefit from the outstanding service sector skills of affected Loblaw workers.

UFCW Canada is the country's leading and most progressive union, representing more than a quarter of a million workers in Canada's fastest-growing industries.


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