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Telus Workers Need Our Support: Five Years Without A Wage Increase, While Company CEO Makes $7 Million!

SOME 12,000 TELUS WORKERS in B.C. and Alberta are off the job as a result of Telus managements attempt to impose huge concessions on all unionized staff. The Telus workers affected are members of the Telecommunication Workers Union (TWU).

Telus workers have been under fire during contract talks for the last five years as the Telus management attempts to get rid of simple job security provisions and contracting out protection from the collective agreement.

Telus has been found guilty of unfair labour practices, and has taken a mean-spirited and highly confrontational approach with its employees in trying to bully its workers into accepting the companys demands.

While Telus has launched attacks on its workers and tried to claim that the existing contract is uncompetitive, the company has racked up hundreds of million of dollars in profits. And pay for the companys top executives has sky-rocketed. CEO Darren Entwistle made almost $7 million in 2004, an increase of 50 per cent from 2003.

Meanwhile, Telus workers have gone five years without a wage increase!

All UFCW members are encouraged to show support for TWU members in any way possible. You can show your solidarity for TWU members on your own time by walking one of the many picket lines at Telus work sites in communities across the province, or for more information, please go to www.anotherwrongnumber.com

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