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Loblaw Companies Limited Announces Appointment of Galen G. Weston as President

The Board of Directors of Loblaw Companies Limited announced on July 27th that Galen G. Weston, Executive Chairman, has also been appointed as President, effective immediately.

As Executive Chairman, Mr. Weston is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Company and in leading the Board. In assuming the position of President, Mr. Weston will also be responsible for the execution of the Company’s strategy, leadership of the management team and its overall business performance.

Mr. Weston has an extensive background in Canadian retail, and an intimate knowledge of the business and its talent. He has been the strategic architect of reshaping the grocery business, as well as transforming Loblaw into a diversified portfolio of complementary businesses, including the creation of Choice Properties and the acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart.

“I am excited about the future, and the opportunity to execute on the strategic vision we have built for the Company. I am confident that Loblaw will continue to advance its business both financially and operationally and be well positioned to create long-term sustainable value,” commented Mr. Weston.

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