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Message Clear to Sobeys- Job Security Essential to any Deal for Safeway Extra

Today Local 247 executives met with representatives from Sobeys/Safeway to start discussions on a collective agreement for the “Safeway Extra” banner the Company is introducing. The arbitration award, issued by Arbitrator Mark Brown, directed the parties to “enter in negotiations for a collective agreement appropriate for Safeway Extra”. The Company has announced that the Langley Willowbrook and Dawson Creek locations will be converting to the new banner and construction is well underway.

We know what we think is appropriate....A collective agreement that provides job security and protects our members’ wages, benefits and other gains we have made over the years. We are meeting because the award has directed us to. The onus is on the Company to tell us what they are seeking in this agreement and not for us to try and guess their direction.

With that in mind we gave the Company a document which mirrored the current Safeway collective agreement with some amendments. We put in language to limit further conversions unless agreed to by members and deleted the Quarterly review process. The Company did not table a document and we anticipate meeting again after we have selected a bargaining committee from the stores affected

We have clearly communicated that job security is our number one issue and nothing will change that. As we previously stated, the current collective agreement remains in full force and effect and there are to be no changes while the process takes place.


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