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Pitt Meadows Warehouse affected by Vancouver Port Closure

Lay off notices issued to Receivers.

Effective Sunday July 3, all part time receivers at the Pitt Meadows Warehouse will be put into temporary lay off status.

The company will be issuing records of employment to all receivers who were reduced to 0 hours in order to assist them in apply for EI benefits.

Full time receivers will remain working for now and the company has offered vacation options to them on a voluntary basis.

The Pitt Meadows Warehouse main purpose is to process and ship goods that arrive in containers by ships. The Port of Vancouver was effectively shut down as of June 27 due to a dispute involving truck drivers and that has now left the warehouse with little of no containers to process.

Union officials Suzanne Hodge and Dan Goodman met with Shop Stewards and Company representatives at the Pitt Meadows Warehouse yesterday so that the parties could agree on the procedure and method regarding the reduction of hours. Senior Industrial Relations Manager Roger Bockstael stated that unless this dispute goes beyond July 20 that the company did not anticipate any further reduction in hours. If the dispute continues beyond that date other departments such as Assembly and Shipping at the Pitt Meadows location could also be facing a reduction of hours.

As of Friday July 1, Mediator Vince Ready had agreed to try and reach a resolve to the dispute with the Port of Vancouver.

If a resolve is reached and when the warehouse begins to once again receive containers, reduced and laid off employees will be called back to work in order of seniority.

The Union and the Company will be in continued contact regarding this issue and we will update members as we receive information.

If you have any questions regarding this please contact the Union office at 604-535-8329.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com