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Update on Grievance Re: Sobeys Bi-Weekly Pay

Local 247 received notice June 30th from Sobeys requesting the appointment of Vince Ready to hear jointly, the grievances filed by Local 247 and 1518, in an expedited interest arbitration process.


In consultation with our legal counsel and Local 1518 we have agreed to have this matter heard in an expedited process given that mid July is when the conversion to the bi-weekly payroll system will begin.


It is obvious that scheduling a regular arbitration will take considerably longer and may well in fact be scheduled long after all of the stores have been converted to bi-weekly pay.


It is in our members best interests to attempt to resolve the bi-weekly pay before it is implemented however Local 247 still reserves the right to refer the issue to a regular arbitration if a suitable resolve cannot be reached between all of the parties.


We hope to be informed of a date with Mr. Ready in the near future due to the specific request to have this matter heard prior to the first implementation date in the next few weeks, of the bi-weekly pay.


  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com