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Union Still Awaiting Arbitrator’s Decision "Safeway Extra" Case

As we reported several weeks ago, a hearing was convened on May 18, 2016 by Arbitrator Mark Brown to hear from the parties concerning Sobeys attempt to have "Safeway Extra" declared a new banner.

We have been fighting back on this issue since Sobeys made their announcement in the Willowbrook Safeway location earlier this year. We have been working alongside UFCW Local 1518 in this fight for all of our members because what this really comes down to is job security and protecting the rights of Safeway members.You may notice that this information is identical to that posted on the 1518 website as are coordinating information given out to the members.

The Arbitrator has now heard and received all submissions from UFCW Local 1518, UFCW Local 247 and Sobeys and now the parties are awaiting his decision.

We have argued from the time of the announcement that the Employer has NO right to use New Banner language. We have been very clear that the “Safeway Extra” concept does not appear to be a different size or type of operation from conventional stores.

We argued before the Arbitrator that “Safeway Extra” is a classic example of a simple evolution or refresh of the existing Safeway banner. We see these modest changes in the retail food industry all the time and we say that such evolutions don’t trigger the New Banner clause in Section 1.01.

Our argument is that the existing Collective Agreement should continue to apply and there is no need to negotiate a different one for “Safeway Extra” stores. Therefore, if Sobeys wants to change the name on the store front, they must continue to follow the Safeway contract.

The Employer is arguing the opposite position and seeking a decision that would require that the parties negotiate a different Collective Agreement for these stores.

Once we have received the decision from the arbitrator we will advise members.

Our primary focus in this fight is our members job security and their rights under the Safeway contract.

Please continue to check the website for updates.





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