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Western Waffles Corp- SEPPS negotiations summary

This was a very difficult set of bargaining with Sepp's (Western Waffles Corp) who has been recently purchased by ConAgra Foods. The original facility was closed down as part of the sales of Ralcorp Frozen Foods to ConAgra Foods.

Sepps employs approximately 70 employees and many of those employees had been non union until March 2010. As a direct result of joining UFCW Local 247 the non-union employees at Sepp's received MSP coverage, health and welfare benefits, wage increases, increases to paid vacation time, increases to shift premiums, and a pension plan.

However due to the closure of the main facility prior to sale to ConAgra, the employer expressed dire concern on providing any additional increases as the business costs have also increased thereby reducing the competitive survivability of the Sepps facility.

Negotiations have concluded and a 3 year agreement has been recommended by the Negotiations Committee and has been accepted by the membership by 88%. As a result of the hard work by the negotiations committee, improvements have been made to the time off and vacation language, and moderate increase to wages.



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