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UFCW 247 Women’s Committee reaches out with special Mother’s Day BBQ 

Thursday (May 10) saw the UFCW 247 Women’s Committee spend the day at a second-stage housing MothersDayBBQfacility that provides supportive housing to 12 women and their 29 children who have been impacted by abuse suffered in intimate relationships.

Local 247 puts on a special Mother’s Day BBQ, allowing the women to have a special day of their own, where we do all the shopping, prepping and cooking, for them and their children.

There is also staff on hand to provide childcare so the women can relax and enjoy themselves, and each other’s company.

It is a real pleasure for the women to have so many food options, and the Committee members make sure everyone’s dietary needs are met by preparing gluten free, vegetarian, Halal foods, etc.

(L-R: Kathleen Allen, Tima Dickerson, Cathy Maw, Dawn Stevenson, and Sandra Peters of the UFCW 247 Women's Committee)

The women at the facility were so grateful for the day that they gave each of the Local 247 Women’s Committee members flowers, thank-you cards, and gifts.

It is also an experience for which the members of the Women’s Committee were grateful.

Women and their children can be housed in the facility for 2 years, and some of the women and their children the Committee met were there last Mothers Day for the BBQ, or at Christmas when the Committee did Christmas baking with them.

“It was really terrific to be there, to get to see changes in the children, how much they’ve grown, and the positive changes that the support has made for the women housed there,” said Tima Dickerson, chair of the UFCW 247 Women’s Committee.

The UFCW 247 Women’s Committee invites any interested Local 247 members to consider joining the Committee. Events and activities the Committee takes on can not only make a huge difference in the lives of women and their families, but are gratifying for the Committee members too.

For information on joining the UFCW 247 Women's Committee, please call Tima Dickerson at 604.535.8329 (toll-free 1.800.667.2205) or email 




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