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Westfair removes "Staff" reference in Leaflet

As the strike between Local 1518 and the Park Royal Extra Foods nears it's 17th week, the Company continues to take an agressive approach.

As a result of a decision of the B.C. Labour relations Board, Local 1518 were given the right to picket the north Vancouver superstore over the Easter long weekend. The Union had alleged that the company had been using the north Vancouver superstore to supply some product directly to the park royal extra foods. Local 1518 continued to leaflet the location after their week of picketing had expired and the company attempted to stop the local 1518 leaflet campaign by applying for an injunction. The company were unsuccessful and were not granted the injunction.

Local 1518 then expanded their leaflet campaign to include the Grandview Superstore. In both locations local 1518 has been asking customers not to shop at the Real Canadian Superstore until the strike at the Park royal Extra Foods is resolved. Local 247 members at the park Royal extra Foods have been honouring the picket line since the dispute began on January 13th, but have not been involved in the leafletting.

This week the company took it upon themselves to issue their own leaflet to customers at these two locations in an attempt to counter the local 1518 leaflet campaign. The company made the unfortunate decision to include a reference at the bottom of the leaflet that made it appear the leaflet was from "the staff and management" of the stores that were subject to local 1518's leaflet campaign.

Local 247 officials were shocked that Westfair foods would attempt to speak on behalf of our members without authorization to do so and responded today with the promise of an unfair labour practise if the reference to "staff" was not immediately removed from the leaflet.

After some discussion, the company agreed to remove the reference.

Local 1518 will be returning to the labour board this Thursday and Friday with more complaints regarding Westfair Foods. They will also be meeting with the company on Friday regarding the dispute.

Local 247 supports the Local 1518 members who are on strike at the Park Royal Extra Foods and has done so since the dispute began.

President Gib Whitlock & Secretary Treasurer Suzanne Hodge stated that any attempt on behalf of the company to speak for our members or to undermine local 1518 or local 247 in their attempts to reach a fair agreement will not be tolerated. Local 247 will be commencing bargaining for our members next month at this location. We are aware of the Company's position in the negotiations with 1518 and have made it clear to them that if they table the same proposals, they are asking for another dispute.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com