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Loblaw Negotiations Update

Our first meeting with the Company to commence bargaining began with two separate presentations by Loblaw Senior Vice Presidents, one from Labour Relations and one from the Operations side. We were given an overview on the direction of the Company with respect to future store formats and possible new locations in British Columbia. On the labour side, we heard all about our friends at Wal-Mart, over and over and their feelings on the disappearance of Target from the Canadian market. Their concern is that Wal-Mart will now focus entirely on Loblaw with Target out of the picture.

We then exchanged proposals on both the retail and warehouse sides. As we previously mentioned, bargaining will run concurrently for both committees. There was a noticeable reduction in the number of proposals tabled by each party but we made it clear that all that did was focus us that much quicker on the major issues. The first two days have been spent primarily discussing non monetary issues, or those that do not have cost implications. We expect to have a more comprehensive discussion today after dealing with questions on intent and will update the site later today with our progress.

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