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Two Days of Talks but no Deal for Extra Foods/Super Valu Members

Representatives from both UFCW Local 247 and 1518 met with Loblaws Company officials for over two days from April 29 and 30 and early into the morning of May 1 without reaching a settlement for Extra Foods/Super Valu members.

In December of 2008, Local 247 members ratified a settlement that would allow other Extra Foods/Super Valu locations the opportunity to vote into a "Master" collective agreement, giving them added opportunities they currently don't have in the event of a store closure. Local 1518 was also presented with the same document but chose not to vote the offer and a strike began in mid December that still exists today.

The Company and Local 1518 both agreed to sit down with Local 247 and representatives from the UFCW National Office and explore the possibility of expanding on the earlier offer. Issues were raised, proposals presented and discussed but ultimately an agreement could not be reached.

Loblaws has acknowledged that the No Frills banner will be expanded in B.C. and that this could lead to the conversion of some of the current Extra Foods/Super Valu locations. A great deal of the discussions centered on how members would be affected and what their options would be in the case of a conversion.

As Local 247 had previously entered into the "Master" agreement through it's Maple Ridge members, we need to determine the best avenue on which to proceed.

We will update members as information becomes available.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com