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UFCW Convention Day 2 – Hodge elected UFCW Int’l VP

On April 24, the second day of the UFCW 8th Regular Convention, more than 2,500 delegates endorsed the tremendous leadership of the UFCW “Members Team” slate and its service to the membership by unanimously re-electing International President Marc Perrone and the four other members of the International Executive Committee for another term.

“My brothers, sisters, and friends. I believe! When I see inequality, I believe we can change it,” said Brother MarcPerronPerrone to the rousing assembly. “When I see hate and indifference, I believe we can end it. When I see cruelty and exploitation, I believe we can stop it. And when I see poverty, hopelessness, and despair, I truly believe – now more than ever – that this union family can prevent it!”

In addition, Canada is allotted 5 International Vice-President positions, and Local 247 President Suzanne Conv. 2018-SuzanneHodge was elected as one of 50 International Vice-Presidents of the UFCW. (Pictured right are Canadian Int'l VPs Wayne Hanley & Suzanne Hodge.)


Tuesday was a big day for Canadians at the convention, with federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh welcomed to address the convention and share his vision for building a just and prosperous future for working families.

As well, Chris Hadfield – Canada’s first astronaut to walk in space – talked to delegates about the power of families to surmount challenges and achieve greatness. 

In his address to the convention, Paul Meinema, UFCW Canada National President and Executive Vice-President of the UFCW International Union, thanked delegates for their support and their united power to achieve positive change. “This is the family we are – united in our mission to build a better future for our members, families, neighbours, and countries! Together, we are the union. Together, we can make it happen. Together, we will stand in solidarity. Together, we are the union!”

Rev. William Barber, one of the most prominent civil rights leaders in the U.S., also addressed the convention about the revival of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Poor People’s Campaign.”

The UFCW 8th Regular Convention concludes on April 26.

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