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UFCW's 8th Regular Convention Underway

UFCW 247 members are joining more than 2,500 UFCW activists from across North America for the opening day of the UFCW 8th Regular Convention in Las Vegas. (UFCW 247 members were selected by a vote of the Local 247 membership to attend. L-R are UFCW 247's Cathy Shannon, Dianne Hamm and Kristie Hagwood2018 Conv.)

Of the 2,500-plus attending, more than 350 are members of the UFCW Canada caucus. The UFCW Canada delegates from Local Unions throughout Canada make up the largest single caucus at the once-every-five-years Regular Convention.

Delegates at this year’s convention have gathered to lay out a vision of the future built on the core values of Unity, Family, Community, and Worth.

Each day of the convention is dedicated to one of the values. “Unity” was the theme of Day One, as the convention was called to order. The value of Unity stems from the strong belief that no one should have to struggle alone, and that when the 1.3 million members of UFCW stand together, we have the power to create a better and more just workplace.

Throughout the convention, UFCW Canada digital campaigns, quizzes, and videos will be featured at a 2018 Conv.-GuySuzDanUFCW Canada display area in the convention’s Unity Hall. UFCW Canada activists will also be presenting at a number of education workshops throughout the week.

L-R: UFCW 247's Guy Fraser, President Suzanne Hodge, and Secretary-Treasurer Dan Goodman.

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