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Important new info on Safeway closures

With July 5 as the new closing date for nine Safeway stores (originally scheduled to close May 5), members at Safeway are asked to review the following important information:

If you have elected to take a voluntary severance:

  • If you work in a store scheduled to close and have chosen to take severance, you may choose when your last week of work will take place (between May 5 and July 5);
  • If you DO NOT work in a store scheduled to close, you have the same right as above – you may choose when your last week of work will take place (between May 5 and July 5);
  • You DO have contractual rights to hours until July 5, regardless of whether your store is scheduled to close or not.

Choosing your last week of work:

  • The company has advised the union that to reflect the above changes, they will be updating the severance letter that will be issued to members who have opted to take severance.
  • Once union members receive their severance letter, you will need to confirm when your last week of work will take place (e.g. the week ending May 19th). 
  • Union members must then submit their choice by the due date specified in the company’s letter. 
  • The date selected and submitted for your last week of work will be considered final.

What about the bumping process and being placed in a new store?

  • The bumping preferences that union members have already submitted will be used, and you DO NOT need to re-submit any selections you have already made.
  • Union staff will be monitoring this process, and the company has stated they want to, “ensure that we execute this well.”

Planning to retire?

Those members who planned to retire with a termination date of April 28th may do so.


The company advises they expect to have updated severance letters out to members over the course of the next week.

Please advise any members looking for information to refer to the union’s website (www.ufcw247.com).

Any new information and details on these issues will be posted promptly on www.ufcw247.com, and members are asked to check back to the website regularly for the latest news.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com