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Union and Canada Safeway agree to Protocol Agreement

Since the ratification of the last collective agreement, the Union and Company have been at odds over the interpretation of certain clauses or articles which seemed to be in conflict, in whole or in part, with other articles contained in the agreement. There have been numerous grievances filed on issues such as the lack of training for MP clerks, production clerk hours, relief staff meat cutters, the balancing of meat cutter hours between stores, and the lack of home store positions.

In order to deal with matters as expeditiously as possible, both parties agreed, on a without prejudice basis, to involve a mediator in an attempt to resolve the issues. With the valuable help of mediator John Sanderson, the parties have developed a protocol agreement which will be in effect for a three year period beginning March 2005. At that time the parties will then meet to determine whether to extend the agreement. Members may view the contents of the Protocol agreement by clicking on the following link
UFCW 247-Safeway Protocol.pdf - 54KB
Union Representative Cathy Shannon and temporary Representative Bruce Jackson will be servicing the stores and visiting with members in order to explain the agreement and answer any questions they may have.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com