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Clarification on Safeway Closure Options Form

Many Grid A members are expressing frustration or confusion over “Option B: Exercise of Seniority” in the forms distributed by the Company. The option listed flows from the language under Article 14.04 Job Protection in the collective agreement. When Grid A members indicate their stores of preference, they need to choose and rank all the stores within their geographic area before moving onto stores in the other geographic areas. Similarly, they would need to choose all the stores in other geographic areas before moving to the remaining stores in the Hope to Whistler Region. You must exhaust all your opportunities under each option before proceeding to the next.

As an example, if a member’s geographic area based on their current store was Area #3- Burnaby/Port Coquitlam, they “rank” the three remaining stores listed (4911, 4913, 4936) in that area in order of preference. They could then rank the stores in the other remaining geographic areas. Only if their seniority did not allow them to maintain their hours in one of their geographic area stores would access to the remaining stores be allowed. You cannot choose just one store in your area, and then choose a store or stores outside of it. The full list of geographic areas including the stores scheduled to close is in Article 13.04.

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