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Richmond Ikea strike reaches 11 months

Pictured above: L to R
Local 247 Representative Cathy Shannon and Local 1518 Staff Director Kim Balmer divert shoppers away from the Richmond IKEA on Sunday during the rally held for all the picketers.

Teamsters Local 213 members employed at Ikea in Richmond are now in the 11 month of picketing and there is no end in site.

We are asking that all Local 247 members, their family and friends, not to shop at Ikea and that includes the Coquitlam Location.

This is simple economics, stated Local 247 President Suzanne Hodge, the less customers there are at both Ikea locations, the more likely Ikea will settle this dispute and agree to a decent Collective agreement.

We are well aware that Ikea is a unique store in that there is not another comparable alternative to direct shoppers to. What we are asking is that for a period of time that you learn to live without the products that Ikea offers and once the labour dispute is settled you can shop there in a unionized location in Richmond.


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