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Safeway Store Closure Process Underway - Severance Offered with March 29 deadline

With Sobeys-Safeway January 23 announcement of 10 Safeway store closures, the union has been meeting with the company to discuss how this process will work, as mandated by Section 54 of the BC Labour Code.

Based on these discussions, the company is providing members with important forms/documents that will outline the options available for members.

These forms set out the process for both Grid A and Grid B members to exercise their seniority and maintain employment.

  • For members in non-closing stores who are Grid A Full-Time and/or Grid A Full-Time reduced members, there will be an additional option of accepting severance pay as outlined in the Collective Agreement under Article 16.01. This option will also be presented to Grid A Full Time and Grid A Full Time reduced in non-closing stores in the Whistler to Hope region. 
  • The company is not presenting this Severance offer to Key Personnel and Meat Cutters in non-closing stores. UFCW 247 does not agree with the exclusion of Key Personnel and Meat Cutters, and are continuing to have dialogue with the company on this matter.

Please carefully read these forms and the options presented to you.

You will have until March 29 to make your decision.

Union Representatives will be in the stores to help answer any questions you may have. You may also call or email your Rep with questions or concerns.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com