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Safeway Responds to T-4 Errors

We have been in contact with Canada Safeway over the Company issuing incorrect T-4 slips to members. We know this, as well as  other issues regarding the change over to the People Soft system has caused numerous problems not limited to ATO accumulation, sick bank accumulation and the incorrect sick bank payout. We have received the following statement from the Company regarding the T-4's:


As you are aware errors were made on certain employee’s T-4 slips.  As a result, questions have been raised by some about the company’s obligation with respect to T-4 timelines. The law and Canada Revenue policy permit employers to prepare and file amended T4 slips that correct the information when it becomes apparent to the employer that errors have been made. We have identified two errors that require correction:

T-4’s did not reflect employee contributions to their pension plan (if applicable) for the first half of the year prior to the conversion to PeopleSoft.  A listing of those employees was forwarded to your facility February 22, 2010. 

Taxable income was incorrectly reported for a group of employees as a result of a conversion issue.  A listing of impacted employees in your facility will be forwarded under separate cover.

The corrected files are at the printers and amended T4’s will be sent to facilities via the mailbag early next week.  For employees that might have had both errors, corrections will appear on a single amended T-4.

We suggest that affected employees hold off filing their Tax Return until they have received their revised T-4 next week.

We will continue to deal with the Company on all of these issues and update members whenever possible.

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com