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Atlas/ Western Grocers Engineered Labour Standards

In December 2010 the Union received complaints that there was a change made to the Engineered Labour Standards which caused a reduction on the percentage performance.

Atlas Logistics and Western Grocers Main and Marine Drive both operate with an Engineered Labours Standards system labelled 'Manhattan'.  Simply put the Manhattan system is a performance monitoring system which inputs multiple values in order to create a 'Standard time' that is used to calculate an individuals performance.  The warehouse is mapped with x,y,z co-ordinates to
determine time and distance.  Individual box dimensions are used to determine weight and cube of a pallet.  There are many other variables that are also used in the calculation.

For an order selector, the computer generates a pick list which calculates the number of boxes that will fit onto a pallet, the time and distance the pallet will travel, and the staging of that pallet, simply put.  The generated time is called the 'Standard time'.  Actual time, is the time that is taken to actually build and stage the pallet.  If the generated time calls for 60 minutes and the actual time taken to perform the task is 60 minutes, the performance percentage for that pallet is 100%.  If the Standard time is 60 minutes and the actual time is 70 minutes the performance percentage is 85.7%.

Periodically, the Engineered Labour Standards are audited by the Company to ensure that the system is accurate and up to date.

Based on the complaints that the Union has received with respect to the most recent changes to the Engineered Labour Standards, the Union has requested that an independent audit be conducted by the Union's Labour Standards Engineer.  A request was made to the National Office requesting an Engineer and the International Office will be sending an Engineer to audit the Atlas Logistics facility the week of February 28th 2011 through March 4th 2011.  A second audit for the Western Grocers Marine Drive warehouse will be conducted the week of March 28th 2011 through April 1st 2011.

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