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Class Hours Returned to GM Assistants
Since the ratification of the collective agreement last July, we have taken numerous calls
from GM Assistant members confused about their class hours being adjusted. We explained at the time that their progression scale had been shortened one step and in order to move people from the old scale to the new, peoples class hours were changed and the increase implemented. This placed most members overscale. An example would be an Assistant with 700 class hours making 9.00 an hour would be moved over at 521 class hours and would now make $9.30, or .05 more than the next step in the progression.

After a period of time we noticed examples of some people who were reduced too many hours or had been given incorrect rates. We have been dealing with each individual as they call. Just prior to Christmas we approached the Company to discuss how the move to the new scale had effected members and the problems that had been created. The purpose of the change in the Agreement was to have people one step closer to reaching the top rate. We felt that although this was the case with the majority of people, some members were no closer and it would be tedious and time consuming to try and go through all the employee lists to find them. Just last week we came to an agreement with the Company that all Class Hours that were reduced at the time of the ratification would be replaced for members in the GM Assistant classification. This should have either taken place effective the last pay period (Feb.17) or for the one upcoming (Mar.03). For many members this will give them an automatic increase to the next scale in the progression.

This was not an issue we could have forced the Company to undertake and although they were not initially receptive to the change, after much discussion it was decided that this was the best solution for everyone.

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