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The UFCW Local 247 Executive Board was formally sworn in to office in a brief ceremony February 20. The new Executive Board was elected in 2017 by the union’s members.

President Suzanne Hodge and Secretary-Treasurer Dan Goodman were re-elected, and are joined by 14 other UFCW 247 members who became Vice-Presidents of the union upon being sworn in. (see below

The 14 Vice-Presidents come from a variety of workplaces, and across B.C., to represent the interests of all Local 247 members across the province.

After being sworn in, the new Executive Board met to discuss the work of the union, and President Suzanne Hodge was pleased with the candid, positive tone of the meeting.

“Every union faces challenges on an ongoing basis,” says Hodge, “and obviously Local 247 is no exception.”

“When you have a good group of people committed to taking on those challenges,” she says, “you can take on just about anything, and Dan and I really look forward to continuing to work with this group over the coming years.”

The Executive Board has responsibility for the affairs of the union, and formally meets four times throughout the year to conduct the business of the union, and more often as necessary.

You can learn more about your UFCW Local 247 Executive Board members below:



Suzanne has been President of UFCW 247 since January 2011. She started her career in 1975 in the grocery industry as a Cashier at Safeway where she quickly became a union activist, Shop Steward and Executive Board member. She went on to be hired by UFCW Canada as a National Representative in 1991. Suzanne joined UFCW Local 777 in 1994 and became Assistant to the President in 1995. The 2002 merger of Locals 777 and 2000 created Local 247, and Suzanne became Secretary-Treasurer in 2006, before serving as President. In 2017 Suzanne became an International Vice-President for the UFCW International Executive Board, one of 6 Canadians and currently the only Canadian woman on the International Executive Board. A passionate advocate for workers’ and women’s rights, Suzanne was also one of the original members of the UFCW Canada National Women’s Advisory Committee. She lives in the Vancouver area with her husband Kim who is a long-serving Director and Assistant to the President with UFCW Local 1518. She and Kim enjoy their “part-time” dogs, mid-century modern anything, and travel when time permits.

Dan GoodmanSECRETARY-TREASURER – DAN GOODMAN  Dan has been Secretary-Treasurer of UFCW 247 since 2011. He started his career in the grocery industry in 1984 working for Safeway in Winnipeg, and got involved in his union (UFCW 832) shortly after, as a Shop Steward and Executive Board member. Dan was hired by UFCW Canada as a National Representative, and after a stint at the National Office in Toronto, joined UFCW 777 in 2001 as Assistant to the President. Dan lives in Coquitlam with his wife and two children, and when not busy with union work, is busy with his family and their many sporting activities. Dan remains a diehard fan of the Winnipeg Jets, a testament to his lifelong support for the underdog
Karen has worked for Safeway since 1988. A long-time Shop Steward, Karen was on the 2013 Union Negotiating Committee, and has been active helping Local 247 with the “Light the Night” leukemia research fundraisers, and the Shoe Memorial. She lives in West Kelowna.
Brian TaylorVP 1 – BRIAN TAYLOR
Brian lives in Coquitlam and has worked as a meat cutter for Safeway since 1994. Brian has been a Shop Steward since 2005, and served on the Union Negotiating Committee in 2008 and 2013. A member of the UFCW 247 Executive Board since 2009, Brian is familiar to many members as a temporary Union Rep. He lives in Coquitlam with his wife, has two daughters, and enjoys mountain biking, hockey, and the gym.
Kathleen AllenVP 2 – KATHLEEN ALLEN
Kathleen has worked for Safeway since 1985, and served as a Shop Steward since 1996. She has participated in the Shoe Memorial, and is a volunteer with the “Dove” program. Kathleen’s interests include Culinary Arts, Music, and Calligraphy, and she enjoys volunteering and restoring/recycling furniture pieces.
Susan EspinVP 3 – SUSAN ESPIN
Susan lives and works in North Vancouver, where she has been employed with Superstore since 1998. Not long after she became interested in the union and became a Shop Steward. Susan has been on the Union Negotiating Committee three times, and joined the Executive Board in 2009. In addition to caring deeply about chocolate and snow, Susan likes movies, TV and home improvement shows, and playing board and video games.
Sandra PetersVP 4 – SANDRA PETERS
Sandra lives in Surrey, and works at Delta Superstore. She has been with Supestore since 1993, been a Shop Steward since 2007. Sandra enjoys volunteering, and has helped out with fundraising for Bright Lights, and is involved with the Shoe Memorial. Sandra has a 19 year old son, and a very busy Shitzu who expects to be treated like a second child.
Johnny KhakhVP 5 – JOHNNY KHAKH
Johnny lives in Burnaby and joined UFCW 247 in 1994 when he began working at the Loblaw warehouse in Vancouver. He became a Shop Steward in 2001, and has been on the Union Negotiating Committee since 2003. Johnny was first elected to the union's Executive Board, and has served Local 247 members with extensive volunteer work over the years. Johnny joined the staff of Local 247 as a Union Rep in December 2017.
John LewinskiVP 6 – JOHN LEWINSKI
John lives in Langford and has worked at the Langford Superstore since 2002. He has been a Shop Steward since 2001 and been on the Union Negotiating Committee since 2015. John has been a member of the NDP since 1984, and since moving to BC in 1992 has volunteered on every Federal and Provincial election since. After working graveyard shifts for 15 years, John is still getting used to being up during the day, and is extremely proud of his four children and five grandchildren.
Sandra GeldartVP 7 – SANDRA GELDART
Sandra lives with her husband and son on a hobby farm in Merville ( between Courtenay and Campbell River) and has worked for Superstore for 20 years, currently in Campbell River. A Shop Steward since 2010, Sandra assisted with putting together the first Cheers for a Cause fundraiser on Vancouver Island, and is working to make it an annual event in Campbell River.
David lives in Kelowna, where he works for Superstore, starting with the company in 1995, and becoming a Shop Steward in 2000. David has been on the Union Negotiating Committee for the last three sets of contract negotiations, and also serves UFCW 247 members as a Coordinator at the Kelowna Education Centre. This is David’s 2nd term as a member of the UFCW 247 Executive Board, and he has also served as a temporary Union Rep.
Gorden has been with Safeway since 1980, and lives and works at Safeway Extra in Dawson Creek, where he is a meat cutter and department head. A Shop Steward since 1987, Gorden has a 9 year old son, along with five adult children.
David HaereVP 10 – DAVID HAERE
David lives and works in Kamloops, where he is employed by Superstore. David has been a Shop Steward since 2009, and on the union’s Executive Board since 2010. He enjoys both playing and managing baseball.
Doug InsleyVP 11 – DOUG INSLEY
Doug Insley lives in Kelowna with his wife and two children , and works at the downtown Kelowna Safeway. He has worked for Safeway since 1986, where he became a Shop Steward. Doug is on the Union Negotiating Committee this year, enjoys the outdoors, and garage time tinkering on cars and trucks.
Dawn StevensonVP 12 – DAWN STEVENSON
Dawn is from Surrey, and works at the Newton Superstore. She has been with Superstore for 23 years, serves as a Shop Steward, and has been on the Union Negotiating Committee since 2010. Dawn is a member of and volunteers with the UFCW 247 Women’s Committee, and is also on the union’s Training Centre Committtee. Married with two children and a Great Dane, Dawn also loves to travel.
Kevin BarrVP 13 – KEVIN BARR
Kevin has worked for FG Deli Group for over 30 years, and has been a long-time Shop Steward. He has served on the Union Negotiating Committee for years, and is a long-time Executive Board member. Kevin volunteers with his church and community, enjoys his motorcycle, and can be found canoeing, kayaking or hiking around B.C. He lives in Maple Ridge with his wife and three children.
Charles PrattVP 14 – CHARLES PRATT
Charles lives in Coquitlam and currently serves on the Executive Board. He is also on full time staff with Local 247 as the Assistant to the President. Charles started working for Superstore as a baker in 1989 at Metrotown when it opened, and was hired as a Union Representative in 1995. He served members as a Shop Steward and Recording Secretary on the Executive Board. He currently assists members with their WorkSafeBC appeals and oversees the Loblaw servicing staff.
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