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UFCW Local 247 and Local 1518 are asking the BC Labour Relations Board to rule that Sobeys’ Safeway store closure plans are actually an illegal lockout of its employees. 

UFCW 247’s position is that Sobeys, “while giving notice of its plans to close certain stores, explicitly tied the store closures, and the possibility of reopening certain of those stores, with its goal of achieving new collective agreement terms with the Union (Local 247) and Local 1518.”

“This constitutes a ‘lockout’ as defined by the Code. The Employer is not in a lawful position to lockout employees and has not issued a lockout notice. Its actions are in breach of the Code.”

UFCW 247 has filed a supporting submission and joined UFCW Local 1518’s application to the Labour Relations Board to hear this issue.

Please check the union’s website for updates and information on Sobeys’ Safeway closures.

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