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Negotiations in Manitoba for a new Safeway contract have broken down over Sobeys insistence on gutting the contract, and Sobeys is now threatening to close stores in Manitoba too, as they did here in BC
Given Sobeys behaviour at the bargaining table in Manitoba, UFCW 832 has announced it is breaking off negotiations and will be conducting a strike vote for Safeway workers in Manitoba (see below). 
Suzanne Hodge, President of UFCW 247, says UFCW 247 will be actively supporting Safeway workers in Manitoba.
"The threats and bullying by Sobeys in Manitoba is consistent with what they've signalled they intend to do here in BC," says Hodge. "I've let the union in Manitoba (UFCW Local 832) know they have Local 247's full support." 
"This is a situation where their fight in Manitoba is our fight here in BC too," says Hodge. "Sobeys is trying to recover from the fiasco they have made of Safeway by taking from the paycheques of the people who work in the stores, and that's simply not on."
"We intend to take them on every step of the way, whether here in BC or providing support to the union in Manitoba," says Hodge. "Sobeys is not doing themselves any favours by taking such a crude approach to negotiations."
UFCW Local 832 in Manitoba advised Safeway members there that a strike vote will be conducted:
"It is with great frustration that we have to announce we've broken off talks with the company. We sat down this morning hoping to get answers and to push towards a fair contract, but the company stated loud and clear, they are only interested in gutting your collective agreement."

"They then resorted to the same bullying and intimidation tactics used in B.C., stating that they will be closing stores in Manitoba, but how many will depend on how much we agree to their terms."
"This is bargaining with a gun to your head, and bullying tactics aren't acceptable by any measure."
"We will schedule meetings shortly to ask you for a strike mandate."

"It is critically important that you attend. Your wages, benefits, vacations, and premiums are all at risk.

Jeff Traeger
President UFCW Local 832"

  • ufcw [at] ufcw247 [dot] com