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New webCampus Courses

UFCW Canada members, their families, and the union's social justice partners are now free to sign-up for two new highschool online webCampus courses.

The two new highschool online courses currently offered through webCampus are Travel & Tourism, and Living Space & Shelter.
The highschool online Travel & Tourism course examines the unique characteristics of selected world regions from a geographic perspective and will develop an understanding and appreciation for the ways in which the natural environments, economies, cultures and other aspects of the world's regions interact.

The highschool online Living Spaces & Shelter course is designed to help students make practical decisions about where to live and how to create functional and pleasing environments, and focuses on occupational opportunities related to housing and design.

Living Space & Shelter and Travel & Tourism prepares students with the knowledge and skills required to meet the entrance requirements for a variety of college programs. This course is fully accredited and can be applied to the completion of a High School Diploma.
Highschool online courses are open for registration and are running until March 31, 2011.

There are several new webCampus courses being offered and available for registration.
A new English language course called Stewards Essentials will also be made available in February.
Stewards Essentials is a resource for new or existing union stewards who are hoping to refresh themselves on the numerous skills and abilities needed to enforce their collective bargaining agreements and represent their fellow union members effectively.

A new French language course, Hand Tools, has also been developed and is set to launch in early February.
Hand Tools is dedicated to helping participants understand the risks associated with the design and use of hand tools. Students are also provided with the means to identify and assess hazards to limit potential accidents.

These courses are will run from February 2 to 28, 2011.

To register for these courses, and to find out more about webCampus, visit, or call toll-free at 1-866-865-0202.


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