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"The Boogey Man Has No Boogey"

The opening of Vancouver’s new Walmart Super Center came and went on Jan 21 2009. The sky didn’t fall as some had predicted and the customers continued to shop at the Grandview highway Real Canadian Superstore. Charles Pratt, Assistant to the President, was on hand to witness the opening festivities at the Skeena Ave Walmart. " From a customer prospective the grand opening would have to be something of a let down" quotes Pratt. "The media hype leading up to the opening was so over the top, that the reality was a disappointment. " Customers would find a few good deals, but the Superstore was meeting and beating the prices and had plenty of stock on hand".

The new Walmart is housed in the old Costco building and is saddled with many of the problems Costco faced. The older building is in dire need of renovations and is stuck with a small parking lot. " The Walmart has even less parking than the old Costco did" says Pratt. Police and security were on hand to direct traffic in the parking lot. After witnessing several near collisions Pratt joked that he would love to own the local auto body shop.

When asked about the possible negative impact of Walmart sales on the nearby Real Canadian Superstore Pratt says" I would be more concerned about the impact of the general economy than I would about the opening of that store. Sources at store level confirm that sales are in fact up since the Walmart opened. It is often found that big box retailers draw more customers into an area and that tends to benefit all the retailers to some degree. In addition to the Walmart, a large Canadian Tire, a PriceMart grocery store and new Petcetera will bring customer traffic to the area.

Employers tend to complain about increased competition and seek wage concessions from workers in order to maintain profits. " I an sure that we will hear this from Loblaws in the upcoming set of negotiations " says Pratt. Employers often complain that Walmart will devastate their business After seeing the opening of Vancouvers first and only Walmart Pratt jokes that" In this case the Boogeyman has no Boogey!"

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