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Sobeys-Safeway will pay a total of $133,000 in vacation entitlements to eligible UFCW 247 Grid B members after denying them vacation pay they were entitled to receive in 2017. (Eligible Grid B members would have been hired between 1997 and 2013.)  Gavel

Previously, Grid B members received vacation pay according to the Employment Standards Act. However, the union and employer had since negotiated a significant increase in vacation pay for Grid B members to take effect in 2017.

Despite this, Sobeys decided they would only pay the members according to the old language of the Employment Standards Act. In turn, this resulted in Grid B members being forced to take time off without pay, or give up their vacation time. 

The union filed a grievance and was preparing to take the issue to arbitration hearings in June. However, an arbitrator ruled against Sobeys in a similar case brought forward by UFCW Local 1518, and ordered Sobeys to pay the vacation wages owing to Grid B members.

Sobeys subsequently agreed to pay back the vacation monies owed to Local 247 Grid B members as well. 

Grid B members entitled to receive vacation pay owed them by Safeway should have received their payout on their January 25 (2018) payroll.

Members are asked to please keep and file their paystub information from Sobeys in case there are any errors requiring correction, a good practice for all members (regardless of employer). 

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