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Sobeys has announced they will close 10 Safeway stores in Metro Vancouver and Mission this year. (see below for list of stores & locations)

UFCW Local 247 has received written notice of the closures, and the union has legal counsel reviewing Sobeys decision, says Suzanne Hodge, President of UFCW 247.

While Sobeys stated five stores would close permanently, the company also stated the other five locations scheduled for closure, “may reopen as FreshCo discount stores, depending on the outcome of negotiations with labour unions.”

"With the UFCW 247-Safeway contract coming up for re-negotiation shortly, this announcement by Sobeys reeks of scare tactics," says Hodge. 

"This is the type of fear-mongering announcement employers have been using forever to try and frighten employees about their job security, and lower their expectations for improvements at the bargaining table," says Hodge.

"Our Union Reps are in Safeway stores talking to members about this, reminding them we have strong contract protections in the event of closure, and that we will be reviewing the legality of this move by Sobeys, given that the timing of this announcement is taking place as we get ready to meet and negotiate a new contract."  

"Sobeys bungling and mishandling of their Safeway takeover and the loss of customers has already been well-documented in the media, and of course the members have experienced the consequences of this first-hand," says Hodge.

"To now try and make up for that on the backs of our members through closures doesn't sit well with anyone, and we will be exercising our legal and contractual rights to do everything we can to protect the jobs and livelihoods of our members."

The five BC Safeway stores Sobeys says it will be closing permanently are:

-City Square (Vancouver)

-Point Grey (Vancouver)

-Lougheed Mall (Burnaby)

-Royal Oak (Burnaby)

-Sunwood Square (Coquitlam)

The other five BC Safeway stores scheduled to be closed are:

-Blundell (Richmond)

-Broadmoor (Richmond)

-Newton Town Centre (Surrey)

-Strawberry Hills (Surrey)


The closures are to take effect May 5, 2018, with the exception of the City Square store, which Sobeys will close on July 28, 2018.


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