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Wal-Mart Tries Again to Salvage Its Declining Public Image

WASHINGTON, Today, Wal-Mart announced it was launching yet another campaign to try and improve its faltering public image. Since Wal-Mart launched its first major public relations effort in January 2005, Wal-Mart has re-launched its public relations campaign at least four times in the past two years as the company continues to face a declining public image.

The following statement is attributable to Chris Kofinis, communications director, WakeUpWalMart.com.

"Wal-Mart is living in a bizarre state of denial, where no matter how bad their public reputation gets, Wal-Mart still believes that a tired ad campaign can fool the American public into believing it is OK to exploit millions of working families. The truth is, despite Wal-Mart spending $1.6 billion on marketing and advertising, the American people are not buying Wal- Mart's policies of shipping American jobs overseas, opposing health care for working families and lobbying against strengthening our nation's port security.

"Unfortunately, using Sam Walton's image in a new TV ad doesn't change the reality that Wal-Mart has turned its back on everything Sam Walton stood for by capping salaries, eliminating health care plans, ending its 'buy American' program, and implementing a new anti-family scheduling policy that makes it difficult for employees to take care of a sick child or schedule day care.

"Although Wal-Mart's latest public relations campaign makes it clear that Wal-Mart now acknowledges that its image problem has become a business problem, re-launching another media campaign with the same failing message that hasn't worked for the last two years is the wrong way to go.

"We continue to hope that one day soon, Wal-Mart will stop the smoke screens and failed public relations campaigns and will realize that the only way to reverse its declining public image is to embrace real change and live up to the best of America's values."


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